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World Wide Women
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Desire ( for a baby)


VERY DEEP INSIDE there is a disire.
The desire for our baby,
the desire finally to be a mother.

This desire lives in every woman.
It lives in us since Eve, so it is very ancient,
ancient, as we women are.
It is a part of us
as we are a part of it.

At all times!

When our mothers were pregnant with us,
we could feel their desire for us.
And sometimes we had the feeling before.

When our mothers hold us in their arms,
we could feel their desire for us
also bodily.
What a wonderful and magical feeling it has been!

The deep intimateness,
warmth and security,
all warmth and love
what our mothers kept safe in themselves
as a gift to us for the beginning of our life.

This is how the desire came to us.
It was a gift through our mothers' love.

When our mothers then let us out of their arms
therewith we could discover the world on our own little feet,
this great gift just has been ours.

It was as deep in us, as in our mothers.

And we lived and played with the desire
with many little dolls and teddybears.
A little later we built the first little den,
were little Neanderthals
and so we gave our desire a home.

We played it during our childhood
in different modalities.

When we got elder,
our bodies began to change
We became women bodily as well.
We carried the desire in us.
So again we became potential little mothers.

Immediate after we became women
we got our first children
to transfer our mothers' gift of desire to them.

At all times!

For nearly all women.
But not for ourselves.

Because we are children of another time.

Other times has other attributes.

So we succeeded in our generations
not only the desire for our children
and furthermore an absolutely new desire for
independence, self-confidence and self-control.

As we became women
we didn't get babies
but we got the birth control pill.

Since Eve we are the first generation of women
to change the possibility
to conceive and raise our children
independent from others.

This is an excellent idea of the evolution
because for a long time
our protectors went away
for hunting or to be at war
and some day they didn't return.

To sustain it better,
to be a better partner to the destiny,
we began
to plant protective attributes in us.

We live the desire for our children,
but the desire for their security was much higher.

We went to school, became intellectual.
From gatherer we changed into little hunters.

We are in the position to prepare our meals,
we can also obtain our foods
and – in bad times we could kill the mammoth ourselves.

So our motherhood is full of new qualities.

Some of us are a little confused about;
not only the qualities of a mother had changed
but also the period of life to conceive shifted and changed.

From our mothers we learned the competence
to conceive directly after becoming a woman.

But we want to conceive our babies
after we became little hunters.
That is very later than before.

And it seams to be more difficult
because the heritage is missing
to live this deep desire in another schedule.

We are already partners of the evolution
and we are all little “evolutioners in pratice“.

This partnership is due to the responsibility,
here and now
in theese generations,
from the challange of the change
to make again this little gifts to our daughters.
Yes, it is possible and so it will be!

You can do it,
I can do it,
each of us can do it!

We will have our children as motherly hunters,
why not?

We only have to learn it.
And I can promise you,
you will miss less than you believe
really to come up to it.

So we should set off
having a look at our mothers' heritage
and their deep knowledge
about motherhood of the past generations.

And then we go step by step
towards the challenge
giving our own big gift
to the following generations.
There will be always a generation “after“.

Our heritage and our spirit of the time
will meld again
as it has been often in our history.

Again we hold the future in our hands and hearts.
This is the security
that our future will be good and right.

Our daughters will be little hunters.
They will keep our gifts deep inside.
As well as our mothers' gifts.
They will unite both inside.

Yes, we will hold them in our arms.
Our desired babies.
Daughters and sons.

We have only to come up and meet them,
we have to open our hearts.
We have to find all our love inside
and place it to their disposal.

For that we should simply find ourselves.
Our fears and hopes
have to get back to the right places.

To surrender to the life.
Our love,
and then
we remember again
how to conceive.

We precisely know how it works.
Because all this knowledge is our mothers' gift.

We should only remember...

(translation: Gina)


Birgit Zart, "Babygeflüster" BoD 2005, Seite 13 „Sehnsucht“