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World Wide Women
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When baby souls are speaking (Wenn Kinderseelen sprechen)



When baby souls are speaking

I had a dream.
I want to tell you about it.
I dreamt about a woman’s belly hurting so badly.
The woman – and simultaneously all the women in the world – convulsed with pain. I could no longer face it, therefore I addressed the pain. “Pain, I salute you, I am honoured to meet you, tell me, is there anything you want to show me or say to me?”

The pain reared during my speech and said: “I am only defined by myself, I am neither good nor bad. I just am what I am. Then it moved to the side and I saw a baby soul. I addressed it, too: “Baby soul, I salute you. Is there anything you want to tell me?”
The baby soul was contracted in itself entirely. I could sense how it must feel to be soooo tiny, so motionless and at the same time so omniscient. It said: “I am that woman’s baby soul whose belly is hurting so badly. I want to come to her, I want to be conceived by her, but the way is blocked. Since I am already on my way, I can now neither advance forward nor backward. Thus, I remain where I am“.

I asked the baby soul: „ Is there anything I can do for you?” It then answered: “No, you can’t. The only way I can make myself noticeable is the pain in the women’s bellies. Only by means of the pain we can utter our cry for help. No one else, you neither, is supposed to help us. Because we can go forward only. Forward to our real mothers. And when the way is blocked, we cry for help. That is what the bellyache is doing for us”.
I went on asking: “Say, why can’t you get to your mummy? What is blocking your way to her? Is it herself? Or what is it?”

Here, I also received an answer:
“Many of us are angry. Many of us are badly off. And since we are so many, and become more and more, we now join forces, all doing the same, in order to be heard.

We do not want to come according to plans made by others, because we are unpredictable.
We want to be asked for, not demanded.
We want to be loved, not paid for.
We do not want to be calculated, because we are incalculable.
We do not want to be measured or tested, because we are measureless.

We do not want you to impose fear upon us.
You will impose fear upon us, if you are afraid of a pregnancy.

Just the very moment when nature awakes in yourselves, just when Mother Nature wants to turn you into a natural mother, you meet her with fear, and consequently us as well.

Years later you reconsider it and decide differently.

Some day you want to become “natural mothers” after all, and then you make a mistake and you invite the object of your fear, without knowing the fear, without facing it.
That is the reason why we have to bear the fear you refuse to bear yourselves.
Therefore you meet us with fear – without knowing it.

When you were young women, you planted tracks in the freshly fallen snow which proved to be the wrong way. Since this time, you went the wrong way again and again. And you cannot find the new one, the one leading towards us, anymore. And since you feel you are under way, you cannot recognise the mistake.”

The dream, of course, continued.
However, I don’t manage to write it down right now.
And, as it is, there is enough to understand until this point.
I love the picture of the tracks in the snow and I have already put that in a new thread.
I think what the baby souls want to tell us – and this is what they also do in hypnosis and relaxation sessions – is that they wish us to remember Mother Nature.
And she has nothing to do with evaluating ovulations or measuring hormones. Those rather imply a danger of not getting away from the wrong tracks.

Maybe it really is a good idea to change tracks completely, to leave the old ones behind entirely. Maybe we should take our time to reflect on being sexually mature at the age of 15 or so and within our society we are taught that getting pregnant is a “danger” which we can avert by taking the contraceptive pill. Maybe we remember the moments when we felt fear to become pregnant, fear of the babies possibly coming.

And maybe we have to return there sometime, in order to set the course completely differently with the benefit of hindsight.
That would be an approach.

Our children want to be conceived in love, if possibly not in vitro.
And nature has arranged for this to function.
This certainly is not exactly right in some cases, I know, and by no means I want to step on the toes of the women going for an IVF or ICSI treatment.

I just want to recommend warmly to all of you to contemplate it.
About having tried to avoid pregnancy since puberty.
About planning our entire lives.
And after that not understanding why children cannot be planned the same way.
I give you these thoughts to take along, just like that.

And maybe you understand why I keep on writing that I am not so much interested in this or that hormonal value. I am interested in what we can do to correct this mistake of our society in us and in our children.

Big hug, Biggi (sleepwalking)

(translation: Cordula)