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The gift of getting pregnant



The gift of getting pregnant

Conception – Frankness – Devotion

Dear ladies,

to receive means getting pregnant.

But why do we say: „receive“?
What do we mean with „conception“?


Some thoughts about it...

I think it is happening to the most of us – sooner or later: The „Huzzle“.

And the most accepted woman wanting a baby are those with the most „huzzle“ of all.

I mean: They are doing everything, really everything for the wish for a child. When I say „huzzling“ I mean: To loose yourself, make yourself crazy. To search with all your heart for a solution for this problem – not having a child, not getting pregnant. They are doing really everything, no matter what, in deep believe to get nearer to the goal – no matter how.

There are two ways: the medical and the alternative.

It is possible getting „huzzling“ with both of them – many of us don´t know about that.

In the medical scene it´s happening very quickly. Many times in a mechanical way. Sometimes you are pushed into it by the doctors – they don´t know another way, in fact it isn´t really their job. Doctors are just giving some advises. That is their job. But to make a decision is our job. No one have to say yes to insemination or medical hormones or anything else, if he or she does not want it anyway. It is just an ADVISE from doctors. Just a way that is shown to you – one of many ways.

The classical career could be a woman, who is trying for 6-12 month getting pregnant – but nothing happens. At the doctor it´s beginning with a hormon level. Medical hormons are given. The woman takes them, in the real belief in getting pregnant by it. In the worst case it does not work (somestimes it works – I do not talk about this cases now!)

So it goes on. Maybe our woman is trying some other medicaments – depends on the diagnose.

Then she goes to a special clinic for women wishing a child – there it propably begins with – depending on the diagnose of spermiogram – with insemination, in-vitro-insemination oder ICSI.

Meanwhile most of the women (not all – we have to notice!) have lost theirselves unconscious in the hands of medicine. They are doing everything for their greatest wish – the child. The conception!

Looking a the worst case again : All of their trials do not work. And most time it is like that: the more trials without success, the more it is hurting and making us nervous. At last it is a financial aspect too. With every unsuccessful trial the fear rises – the disappointment is huge.

The fewest women have the strength to stop at this point and accept their fate. Some women try again and again and again. At this point many bodys and souls are demoralised since a long time.

But „Huzzel“ goes on. Cramped, besotted with the feeling to get nearer to the solution – the fullfilling of the great wish … many women feels like they are just getting nearer to it when they are doing that kind of active work – but they do not see, that they are clutching at straws – but they are not swimming any longer.


But this „Huzzel“ also works the other way – on the alternative, even better.

I am writting this in full sense – because the alternative way is a precious chance – but also no
I have recognized it with so many women, that have detected the alternative medicine. In the worst case they have passed through all medical trials already and lost their hope in it. But the alternative way is just another possibility, another straw to get clutched. But their behaving is the same – they have learned it in the past and they hold on to it now.
So they put the same hope and despair in every alternative therapy like they did with scientific medicine before.
They are trying agnus castus, homeopathy – EVERYTHING that seems to help in some way. Now they have personal responsibility for their doing – in fact. Because not doctors are making the decisions, the WOMEN have to decide now. But they have the answers for it in doing it for conception. So – no matter, what they are doing – if it is some kind of „active“ work for their wish: it is okay for them.
But the do not really think about the question if it has real sense.
So they are drinking all sorts of tea, going to a homeopathic therapy, doing Luna Yoga, Qui Gong, Reiki... full range.
But they mistake, that just a sensible, responsible selection and combination is able to bring some success.
So: „Huzzel“ goes on!
But: That does not work.
conception – is a gift
Our children are
and we

No matter

is able to quick this

the first criteria
that has to be full filled
for the
to have an OPEN HEART
stucking in „Huzzel“
It is more important
than any therapy
at the beginning
for the gift of conception

accept it
say THANKS for it
Say welcome to
some kind of SERENTIY

Give control away
You do not have it in fact
If you had – how could it be possible
that some women get pregnant
after the first insemination...
others not even after 20?
Having the same problem
of course
Being in the same situation
having the same diagnose
But there is a difference
It has to be one
A difference, nobody can see at the first watch
a difference no doctor can find
There seems to be another behaving INSIDE of us with it. Another belief – maybe.
All of us know
there are some things bottling us up
for example
That are the things we have to work with
We are able to work with it and join some other therapys too

no matter
if they are alternative oder scientific medicine
But the most important thing is
personal responsibility
Make selections
in alternative and scientific therapys
in both!
We have to think about
what would be fine for us
what could be a help for us
We should not let it take our whole life
in that way
Just by living
being open-hearted
we are able to
receive the gift on conception
Everyone of us has a really individual way
And if this way was
it is okay too
Just like any way else!
for the gift
of conception
In fact we are all just waiting for it
No matter if we are having a therapy
or not
But to quicken it REALLY
- it is not possible for us
is something that
comes suddenly
and could not be planned
Oh, how I like to get that out of people´s mind!
That imagination
that we are able to conjure up a pregnancy
with any actions

This misbelief
being able to quicken the conception by
doing this or that
Just like driving a car a little bit faster
by accelerate
It does not work this way
not really
We are no puppets of fate
we CAN to something
We can OPEN our hearts
for the gift, that is offered to us
Learning to accept
And listen to our inner voice
our instinct, our heart
and than to choose our way
Really, really sensible
Because THAN it is the right way
No matter how much turnings it is gonna to have
it WILL lead us to our goal someday
Open your heart
And receive
Receive everything around you
even in daily life
Recognize how beautiful it is
to receive

Getting pregnant
is receiving
It is a GIFT

And a gift
it is not planned
it is a surprise
and you can not order it

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