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World Wide Women
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Golden Girl



Golden Girl

Dear women,

Now then, at our seminar, Biggi began on Sunday morning with more or less the following words:

“Last night I had a dream that I want to share with you…”

She dreamt one day she had wished to make pottery – the real thing with a potter’s wheel, because only that would be genuine pottery and only doing so one could come to one’s own centre. Therefore, she made room in her huge kitchen, got herself a potter’s wheel and marvellous clay and everything one needs for pottery, and she began. She began doing pottery just like everything begins somehow. She had a fruit bowl in mind, yes she really wanted to create a beautiful broad and ample fruit bowl. But it didn’t work. She couldn’t form a fruit bowl, everything she made somehow never became broad and ample, but somehow everything seemed to face upwards. Utterly frustrated she went to a woman who was very skilled at making pottery.

The woman told her if she could not make a fruit bowl there and then, she first had to let out what was in her, she had to let her hands form whatever they wanted to form that moment. She could not enforce anything, she’d rather watch what it was that longed be let out from her innermost self.

Thus, she began to do pottery again, this time without an aim. And what was the result? A grail. A high vessel, similar to a vase. For her it was the grail, the grail she had pictured while reading „The mists of Avalon“ by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This grail she had made out of clay.

It was not the time for a fruit bowl, it was the time for a grail. And she made many more grails and sold them on a flea market. She felt happy about her grail and did not have the desire to form a fruit bowl. It just was time for the grail, she knew that much now. And what is more, she had learnt how to make pottery. So it would be a question of time when she would also have a fruit bowl.

I could extract for me that sometimes it is time for something completely different than you think at the time. For example, at the moment it could be the time for a job-related change rather than the desire to have a child. There are many examples and each of you certainly can find one that suits herself.

I am sure you can understand the quintessence of this dream and extract something for yourself. I just think it is wonderful and also very helpful.

Maybe Biggi herself wants to add something.

Lots of love from Nicole who is anxious to find out what will emerge as a grail and what as a fruit bowl in her own life.

Hello my dear,

Thank you very much, I have thought about writing this story down myself, since I think it is very helpful.

There is not really much new to it, but it reminds us of some rules of life.

We have not created these rules of life. We can only live according to them, and in order to do so, we should watch life carefully, to be well prepared.

It struck me that this principle of life, this piece of advice might already be contained in the fairy tale “Mother Hulda” [by the Grimm brothers]. Unfortunately, I am not a fairy tale therapist, I believe, however, in the healing powers of fairy tales.

Here it is Golden Girl, who always does what is pending. Her sister and her mother strive for something else, but they are never Here and Now. Therefore they cannot find their grail, cannot identify their current vital issues.

They wish for gold and fortune so badly (- this surely symbolises our wishes -), that they overlook the signs of the times. They neither get their channel nor their way free, the grail is stuck in there and blocks everything, it brings every development to a standstill.

I think Golden Girl does it in a better way. She takes every day like a treasure chest, she is rejoicing in the little things in life and, what is more, she has a strong sense of basic trust and such a healthy awareness that she always perceives everything around her that is pending.

Not even the somewhat grumpy Mother Hulda makes her sulky, because she pays less attention to HOW Mother Hulda says something then to WHAT she says and WHY. Either Golden Girl has a medial disposition or she simply has remained a child at heart, has remained a human being enough to approach everything joyfully.

Mother Hulda says: fluff the beds neatly.
In this context, I always think about our “emotional body zone” that can easily be compressed by crowds, too little free running and negative programmes. I like imagining how while fluffing and easing and airing the beds she simultaneously does the same to herself on a parallel emotional level. How she respires when the things around her can breathe again.

There, one time the apple tree standing at the way (!!!!) needs help, another time the oven. And Golden Girl always accepts what her way offers to her. She is a “yes-woman”. And inside she seems to be a “Thank you-woman”, because she is well doing so.

The same way, she also accepts the shower of gold. Just like that. Following the same principle as she accepts everything saying “yes” and “Thank you”. She follows her own little tracks in the snow.

She has got a file. It says „yes“ to everything her way brings to her.

She has eyes that can see and recognise the truly beautiful things and necessities of life. So she can accept the small presents of her way and, following her own tracks in the snow, she single-handedly comes to the big presents in the end.

A wonderful fairy tale.
I will reread it taking this view, and maybe write it down for my youngest boy, with the message under the magnifier… you know.

Maybe all of us could make use of it and should put the fairy tale on our bedside table.

For it happens so easily that one starts struggling with one’s own timetable. I for one can do this brilliantly. Life puts something in my way and I fret about it because I had different plans that moment.

And before I know it I am out of my tracks, away from the “yes”, changing to the other slope, right into the deadline pressure, right into the quarrelling, I am blind to the small presents and to the big ones.

This really makes me think now.
Upstairs, there are quite a few endearing postcards and parcels. That seems to be the trend of the moment, because for several days I have been receiving wonderful mail, presents from you.
And what do I do? I grumble, because I cannot do what I want to, because the patients are late or reschedule dates, because kindergarten does not work properly instead of rejoicing to spend more time with my child.
I quarrel with my cat, because she is lying on my right arm jostling and pushing and hitting some keys, while I am writing, instead of being deeply moved about my cuddle cat that trusts me so much, instead of
enjoying the incredibly lovely spring time weather,
accepting the present of time when an appointment is cancelled,
recognising the opportunities if someone wants to have my children over,
and realising all the little hints and signs around me.

And I should say “Thank you” loud and clear from the bottom of my heart,
for the tea bags for example. I prefer the original tea bags from England, you know, and always have to take care to keep supplies coming. Last week I had given many away and today I used the very LAST one!!!! I have already thought about asking in the web forum if someone happens to live in London and could send me new ones.
And what do you think the post woman just brought two minutes ago?

A full annual supply of English tea bags from Kerstin.

Isn’t that amazing?

Recently, I had finished Irmi’s champagne, and last week Simonchen sent a new bottle.

At the bookstore yesterday, I had to spend a lot of money on legal texts and had none left for a book “for me” and promptly, a book from Kirsten arrived.

And chocolate and a very cute children’s audio cassette from Claudia also came.
This is exceptional, of course. And I was gobsmacked.
It is clear, however, isn’t it?

It shows to me that everything is right somehow, and I don’t have to worry about tea bags, books, champagne, chocolate, recreation, kindergarten teachers and cats and cars and bank accounts and filling stations and about life itself.

There is nothing I have to worry about.
Absolutely nothing.

The best is probably I just say “THANK YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe it doesn’t need a special time to say “Thank you”.
I believe I have enough reasons every day to say “Thank you”.
I only have to recognise them.
Even if there are no chocolate, no champagne, no book, no tea bags.
Then there are always other presents at the wayside and I only have to recognise them.
Just like Golden Girl.
I can only recognise them, when I am free and open and free from fear.
And from aims that I want to define.

If I was the lazy girl [from the “Mother Hulda” fairy tale], I would probably be blind.
Thus, I would want to go through the golden gate, would want a particular desire to be fulfilled, to receive a particular present.

And would still be blind for the daily shower of gold which always is there, I only have to recognise it.

It was like this with the fruit bowl and the grail.

Maybe it is like this with the sunshine, with the daily love surrounding us and with the desire to have a child???

I send you the warmest breakfast greetings. Please don’t be sad, if I won’t be able to write in the web forum as much as I WANT to!!!!!,
Because I just have learned again that I must and want to go with life rather than LIFE WITH ME!!!


(translated by Cordula)