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World Wide Women
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Say "Yes, I do want a child"



Say: ‘Yes, I do want a child’. (original by Birgit Zart)

My dear ones, hmm, I understand only too well, that it takes courage and time. We all have the problem of carrying our longing for a child around like a secret. It would be a nightmare to be teased about it by our boss or our husbands’ football mates.

But. I think our children deserve a clear ‘yes, I long for you’, just like our husbands deserve their wish for secrecy.

You know, when you are working with hypnosis, it can happen that even with an early loss of pregnancy our spirit children complain. They will say: ‘I couldn’t get to know my family because YOU never introduced me to them!!!’ They also complain about being pushed aside (as you automatically try to do with the pain of loss).

And: They have a lot to tell us.

In literature you will find many reports that people under hypnosis experience their own conception.

If I combine all this knowledge then I’ll have to ask the question: WHERE does the relationship between parent and child start and also WHEN??

I won’t be able to answer the question, but would tentatively say: ‘Yes, I do!!!!’

Just like I would talk about a visit of friends that I am looking forward to. You wouldn’t say: ‘Let’s see…’ about that, would you?!

You would say: ‘Ohhh, I am so much looking forward to that, can’t wait for it to happen.’

In such a remark there is feeling, trust, honesty and respect.

Our children should be treated the same way.

In our forum I read about compromise a lot.
And I can understand that.
But you don’t get anywhere by stopping half-way.

So what would be the worst that could happen if people talk about our longing for a child in a tactless way?

Maybe we would break into tears?
But didn’t we learn already how healthy that is?!!!
How much healing it offers, how necessary it is and how such openness creates closeness!!

Definitely. I never minded looking into the heart of a woman longing for a child. In my private life as well. At least I could participate and be sympathetic.

With a few women I could openly do that, but there was one who isolated herself, nobody sees her anymore (and I live in the countryside!) and she doesn’t see anybody anymore either. She is cleaning her house incessantly; you don’t dare entering anymore. Finally nobody was able to reach her, I last saw her years ago.

Long excursion.
It is leading to the fact, that the little lie about our longing for children could be the beginning of the path into isolation.

A further problem is our body field reacting to such a lie in a restive manner. It will complain about it.

And whom are we doing it for anyway? For the stupid boss maybe, for the mother of five next door or even the mother-in law? We shouldn’t do that to ourselves. It doesn’t matter who it is, why should we load such a negative message into our heart for them! That is exactly what is happening when head and gut feeling don’t match. That is very important to know. Words do have great power over our subconscious and therefore our body and our health.

If our words differ from our feelings or are negative for our body field, then we upload a negative program into our system each time we lie a little about our true feelings. And the subconscious will execute it promptly.

So let’s do ourselves a favour and stop doing!

We want to be honest.
We want to work against isolation.
No negative fields.
For ourselves,
for our children,
and for our loved ones.

Why don’t we say;
‘A child, yes, that would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!’

Without a time limit, restrictions, ifs and buts.
Simply: ‘Yes’.

Greetings from

Thanks for translation to Andrea 23