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World Wide Women
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The Power of Gratitude



The power of gratitude (original by Birgit Zart)

I would like to talk about the following: How do I ask for something?

If my wishes or prayers or inner pictures – we all do it in our own way – contains just the tiniest image of loss, then, all the experts agree: it won’t work.

For example: I go into the garden and talk to Heaven: ‘Heaven, all have babies, but not me, I would really like to have one now, though.’

What am I doing there, strictly speaking?

Exactly, I am loading a new file into a faulty folder. The wrong folder is called: I have no baby – I am feeling empty. A request like the above will add to the already defective folder by visualizing the feeling of longing, emptiness, maybe even unfairness – every time you get a strong inner picture like that it adds another file to the folder.

To add the feeling of gratitude to a request like the above would be a lot smarter. And: it works.

It would be very important to make every prayer or request positive to start with. Starting every sentence with a ‘thank you’ is a neat trick.

It works well in counselling or in Emotional Body Healing. Here we say ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ to everything; especially to all the oppositions in us. We can say: ‘Fear, I can feel you and I thank you for being here’ and immediately the fear will go away or changes or is smaller than it was before you acknowledged it.

The same thing works for pain as well.

The most stupid thing ever to be said about the way Native Americans deal with pain was the ‘A Native American doesn’t know pain’, because it is not true. Pain is dealt with difference, which lead to people being able to appear to bear more pain then others. In my opinion this is rather achieved by a sincere ‘Thank you pain for being here, what am I supposed to learn from you?’

So you could assemble beautiful sentences of gratitude, for example:

I am grateful for being a healthy woman, equipped with all that is necessary in nature.

I am grateful that I can live with the knowledge that there is a little baby soul waiting for me.

I am grateful to have found calmness and composure within myself.

Then more specifically:

I am grateful to my body for always knowing what is right for me and immediately doing it.

I thank my womb for her untiring efforts.

I am grateful to my ovulation and my bleeding, fore they symbolize the rhythm of life pulsating within me.

I am grateful to all my glands for their work, which makes me start my every day in a new position. It makes me different every day, just like every day is different.

I am grateful to my ovaries for their work in harmony with my own body, my partner’s body and also our inner life.

And I also feel grateful towards my partner’s sperm, for the deep knowledge of life they have imprinted, for their constant alignment to our circumstances and the world around them.

I am grateful for the trust resulting out of that knowledge, the trust in higher knowledge, knowledge even beyond my own, thankful that this knowledge works to be in unison with my body.

Those are a few of my ideas.
Have a look at your own programmes.
It works like that:

Imagine your body as an electro-magnetic field. Be aware that this field is not homogeneous. All is working constantly. Without pause there is chemical and electronic processes running. All that makes you yourself is part of this field.
Special words and thoughts influence this field directly.
A programme of negative thoughts might sound like this:

‘Women over 25 are too old to bear children’’
‘I am not worthy to have a child.’
‘It is my own fault that I am not conceiving a baby.’

While reading this sentence, pay attention to your field.
It should change IMMEDIATELY.
Maybe this statement lies on your chest like a rock.
Or pinches deep in your belly.
Maybe your head starts protesting and works hard to cover the bodily reactions.
All is possible.
One thing will always be there, though: a reaction.
Fact is: The body and the field always react!!!

These sentences are also mean:
‘I will do ANYTHING, to have a baby.’
‘I will do ANYTHING, to become healthy.’
Just to oppose our head, most people’s subconscious will say no. That is not bad; don’t be astonished if you feel disturbances. That is perfectly normal. I just wanted to demonstrate a negative programme to you.
Once you have felt that you will recognize how good for body and soul the positive programmes are, e.g. the positive examples of sentences of gratitude above. Observe yourselves well and see how your field reacts to it.
All day long we react to information in this way. Non-stop. Every movie on TV, every song, every newspaper article, 9/11, yes even the thoughts of our family and our surroundings.
As not to run around with constant disturbances to the field, it is beneficial to give ourselves positive reactions, that would be like a holiday for our body and soul.
Have fun while trying.

Translation: Andrea23
Proofreader: Gina