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World Wide Women
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Fairytale of the sad sadness


Fairy tale of the sad sadness

Once there had been a small woman, going along a dusty country road. Propably she was very old, but her walking seemed to be airy and her smile seems like the smiling of a young, gaily girl. She stopped her walk when she arrived at a little, huddled figure at wayside. She looked down to her, but she could not see very much of it.

The figure, sitting at the wayside in the dust, seemed to have no body. She was like a grey flannel banket, having humanly outlines. The small woman stooped down and asked: „Who are you?“

A pair of nearly lifeless eyes looked up tp her. „Me? I am the sadness“, the voice answered stagnant and calm, that she almost could not be heared.

„Oh, the sadness!“, the small woman shouted out happily, just as she would be greeting a dear old friend.

„You know me?“, the sadness asked distrustful.

„Surely I know you! You`ve gone along with me some steps on my way, ever again and again!“

„Yes, but...“, suspected the sadness. „Why don´t you escape from me? Don´t you have fear?“

„Why should I escape from you, darling? You know very well, that you will catch me soon enough again. But I wanted to ask you something: Why are you looking s droopy?“

„I... I am sad“, the figure answered calmly.

The old small woman sat down beside her. „So you are sad“, she said and nodded sympathetic. „Tell me what is depressing you.“

The sadness sobbed deeply. Should it be possible that this time really someone would be there to listen to her? How many time she wished that!
„Oh, yo know...“, she began hesistating and surprised ,“it´s just because no one likes me. It´s my fate to go to the people and stay with them for a while. But when I arrive, people shy away. The are afraid of me. They avoid me like a plague.“

The sadness sighed. „They detected sentences for banishing me. The say: Fiddle-dee-dee, life is gay! And their wrong life brings them stomach gramps and breathlessness. The say: Bless everything that is making us tougher! And then they are getting heart aches. The say: Just pull yourself together! And they sense that in her back and shoulders, when it aches! The say: Only weak sisters are crying! And all her uncried tears are exploding in their heads. Some of them are dazing themselves with drugs and alcohol, so they do not have to feel me.“

„Oh yes“, the old woman said ;“I often met such kind of people too.“
The sadness seemed to be even smaller.
„But I just want to help them. If I am really close to them, they are able to meet themselves. I help them building a cluster, where they can heal their wounds.
When you are sad, your skin is very thin. Some harm is coming up again, just like a wound that never healed. And that hurts very much. But just when you allow your sadness to be there and cry all the uncried tears, you are able to heal your wounds completely. But the most people do not want that I help them with it.

They cap their narrows with crude laughing or pull themselves in a big armour of bitterness.“

The sadness was silent. Then she begans crying. At first her crying was calm and weak, than it rises in despair.

The old, small woman gave the little figur a healing hug. How soft and gentle she felt, the woman thought and petted the little one gently. „Just cry, sadness“, she whispered gently. „Rest yourself to find some strenght again. From now one you do not have to walk alone. I will guide you, so you dejection would not get more powerful.“

The sadness stopped crying. She sat up and looked astonished at her new companion.

„But... but – who are you at last?“

„Me?“, the old small woman said smiling like a little girl. „I am the hope.“






Thanks for translation to Dani 21