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World Wide Women
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Collection of positive sentences



Collection of positive sentences

We have talked a lot about the so called „programs“. On some sentences our body reacts positive, on others immediately negative. We have collected our positive sentences:

„I am dreadful fertile!“
„My body knows exactly what he is doing!“
„I am a great woman!“
„I achieved much in my life!“
„I am young, lively, attractive and I love my life!“
„I get what I should get!“
„I am patient and serene!“
„I love every moment of life!“
„I enjoy the dancing of life with all my heart!“
„I am fine as I am!“
„I am strong!“
„I am healthy!“
„I am powerful!“
„I have trust in my body!“
„I am listening to my inner voice!“
„My body won´t abandon me!“
„My body is strong and doing well!“
„I feel alive!“
„I trust on my inner voice!“
„I have a great partner and great friends!“
„My life is fine and fullfilled!“
„All in good time.“
„I am thankful for all experiences, that I make – they are helping my on my way!“
„I thank my body for being able to trust in him.“
„I enjoy every day!“
„I am living here and now!“
„I am happy!“
„I am thankful!“
„I love!“
„I live!“
„I cry!“
„I laugh!“
„Time will show...“ (when you are worried unneccessarily)
„I am fine as I am!“
„I am living – intensive and self-conscious!“
„Thanks for being so happy with my husband!“
„My body knows very well what he is doing – I listen to him!“
„I am a child of creation – or god! Thats why I am loved. That´s why I have god his creative strength in me. I thank this strenght, that is living in me, like in anything else.“
„I love my life!“
„I love my child-soul!“
„Life is greast!“
„If we won´t make it, who else?“
„Enjoy- enjoy-enjoy!“
"Life will win!“
„Impossible things are happening quickly, but wonders take more time. And the greatest wonder of all is getting pregnant.“
„Someday I will be pregnant.“
„I fell well, I am fertile and healthy and my life is great!“
„My husband is the best oft all!“
„Thanks for being a healthy woman and having all, nature needs!“
„Thanks for living and knowing, that somewhere a little child soul is waiting for me!“
„Thanks for my body, that he is always knowing what to do, what is right for me and always doing the best!“
„Thanks for all my adenoids, they are working timeless and everlasting and so every day is a new for me!“
„Thanks my ovules, that they are doing in harmony with my body and my husband and our souls!“
„Thanks for the trust, that I have becouse of knowing that everything has got a higher sense and that this sense is acting for me and my body, so that everything is in the meaning of this higher sense.“
„Thanks for trusting in my body again!“
„Thanks for my ovarys, that are trying again and again to create an ovule!“
„Thanks for being able to be myself!“
„Thank for being dreaful infertile!“
„Thanks for being able to live here and now!“
„Thanks for living, thanks for being!“
„It is good being pregnant. I am allowed to be pregnant.“
„I bless everything that is here and happening to me!“
„I am healthy, I soon will be pregnant!“
„I love me!“
„I am a very precious woman!“
„I am fertile!“
„I will be pregnant very soon!“
„I will be a beautiful pregnant woman!“
„I am calm and sensible!“
„Every defeat has got two winnings!“
„I am young, healthy and intelligent, so everything is fine to have a healty child!“
„I have a great husband, we are perfect parents!“
„We and our child – we have all time of the world for being together!“
„My children are loving me – those who have gone and those who will come!“
„I will celebrate the days as the come!“
„Life will give me very much luck!“
„I carry life in me!“
„I am responsible for me, my acting and my life!“
„What is meaned to me, will come to me!“
„Everything has the right time!“
„I trust in fate!“
„I am happy and thankful for every day of my life!“
„I surely will be mother!“
„I like me and I am loved!“
„I am attractive!“.

And a little poem:

„Today is a great day, today I feel comfortable in my life, today me love belongs to me.
Thanks – the song in me is singing: Thanks! Thanks for feeling all this.
Thanks that everything is coming to me.
I open my heart, for love, for live and for my self.
Thanks for love, thanks for the great day, thanks for all the joy.
I am flowing.
I am living.
I can give it to others.
Thanks for all I that have been given to me!
Even for the pain.
Thanks that I am able to learn.
Everything ist there.
Thanks that I can realize it.
I am greeting life and saying yes to all, that will come.
Thanks my parents, they did all that was possible.
I take thankful all they gave to me.
Now I will give too. So the love will go on.
Nothing will get lost. Everything will be forever and ever.
I want to find it in me.
I want to see it in my child.
I want to learn
until we all will be arrived in love.



Thanks for translation to Dani 21