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World Wide Women
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The global silver-line

Dear ladies,

so now this is the posting for the global silver line 2008 and everyone of you is invited to celebrate this day with us!

The "global silverline" is some kind of tradition of this website since about 4 years. The idea of it is that we give our children all our love - by thoughts, poems, words, pictures... whatever you want. As a kind of symbol we are giving them a silver line - a string, some kind of cord - that they are able to come to us to earth and let us receive them.

The love we are giving them on this day is absolute and termless - it is just pure love without any expectations! Just love and power, joy and hope are in our hearts thinking of our beloved children, who are not yet with us on earth- but they need and feel our love and passion for them!

On this day all women wishing a child, all over the world - not just in europe and german speaking countries - have the possibility to send so much love to their children. Imagine that there would be a big silver line full of love - a love spended by all of us, received by our childen in heaven or what we are calling the land, where little children souls are living and playing happily before they are able to get on their way down to earth and in our hearts and bellys.

So this posting is the place where you can share all your thoughts, poems and everything else, if you like to.

On sunday before christmas we all will send strong energy of love to our children, the highlight should be at 5pm - just in your time zone.

I wish all of you a very merry christmas and wonderful moments of love, longing, peace and hope with your children´s souls!!!


written by Dani